20+ Years in Business

Custom Fabricators since 1998

Delivery Trucks_640x427Metaltech Products, Inc. (MPI) is located in America’s Heartland. Our engineering and manufacturing experts have been working closely with our skilled craftsmen to meet and/or exceed our customers’ goals for over twenty years! During this time, we have built a solid reputation for quality and service. MPI’s dedication to employee development, upgrading of equipment to keep us on the cutting edge of technology, and our implementation of continuous process improvements earns repeat business from our satisfied customers.

MPI has approximately 90 employees and over 68,000 square feet of space to serve you. Please contact MPI today, so we can begin a new business relationship.

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A Recipe for Success


“To understand a company, it is important to understand the leadership; for a company is typically the product of its leadership.”

Dana England and I met in a functional math class in high-school. Little did we know we were developing a relationship that would last a lifetime as we were married in 1983. Blake (our oldest son) and Brice both work with us, and we are proud grandparents as well.

I had always been good at math thanks to my dad for quizzing me on the farm with word problems. He taught me to break it down into the smallest form and then put it back together to solve the problem. I believe this is still the best problem solving process today – to take big problems and break them down or separate them into smaller projects or processes. My dad is a hero to me. Both my dad and mom taught me what I believe to be the most valuable characteristics a person needs to be successful in owning and operating your own business: honesty, work ethic, and dependability.

In 1997, I was approached by Electrovert (now ITW EAE) to join their company. I spent thirteen months with them and most of this time I led an outsourcing team focused on outsourcing metal fabrication and machining. They had a particular product (large machine frames) that was very hard to find a supplier for. I think this was when the light bulb went off in my head, and gave me a reason to move forward with my dreams of owning my own company and being a Plant Manager. This was when I saw the need to start a company not just the opportunity. At this point, I had a potential customer right out of the gate, and the opportunity to fulfill their need by giving them something they could not get elsewhere. I also had the knowledge to build these frames, and the experience of managing a large manufacturing workforce including eight years of quality experience.

Metaltech Opens for Business…

“Time is of the essence. How often in your life have you looked back and thought I knew I should have done that or I was going to but just didn’t get to it? If you think it, do it! Don’t procrastinate; when you procrastinate you are giving up that little edge that might be the difference between success and failure.”

In February 1998, we borrowed $76,000 dollars, built a 4,000 ft2 building, and bought a hydraulic ironworker, band saw, MIG welder, TIG welder, drill press, and some hand tools. We then found the person known around the community as the best metal fabricator in our area named Tony Evans, and we hired him. We started Metaltech (MPI) June 1, 1998 and soon added more employees. In February 1999, Tony was killed in a motorcycle accident. This was a severe psychological blow for Dana and I, because we had grown very close to Tony. We had worked lots of long hours, almost all night and day on some occasions, and we had gotten to know Tony and his family very well. I was the one that had to tell his children he was not coming home and what had happened, and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. Tony was another one of my heroes; he had taught me how to MIG and TIG weld, how to use a torch properly, how to do some shop math, the differences in metals and their characteristics, and so much more.

Lessons in Diversification…

“We believe that in order to stay competitive in manufacturing and give customers the quality of product they expect, it is necessary to have the latest technology, the best processes, and the best people.”

In January 2001, we purchased Ozark Sheetmetal. That same year, the tech bubble burst and things slowed down (9/11 happened, and we were all scared and uncertain what was going to happen next). For MPI, everything came to a screeching halt. By Thanksgiving when we had our company lunch, there were seventeen of us still employed, down from twenty-nine in January. At this point, we did a lot of praying, rolled up our sleeves and went after anything we could get to generate sales. We tried to stay positive. This taught me a few very important lessons, like the importance of “diversification,” as well as to charge what the market allows because there will be times that the market won’t allow much (if any) margin.

By June 2001, we had 22,000 ft2 and we moved the sheetmetal company in with MPI.

In 2003, we purchased the property where Ozark Sheetmetal was located and we started Powder Paint, Inc (PPI).

In 2005, we bought our first robotic welding cell. I don’t know how any company today that does repeat product welding can be competitive and meet customers’ expectations for quality and consistency without one.

In 2008, we added a 38,000 ft2 building, giving MPI a total of 60,000 ft2 of manufacturing and office space. We also bought our first laser-cutting machine.

In the fall of 2009, we obtained ISO certification. The reason for certification was as MPI grew, it became more and more difficult to manage our processes relative to quality, production, consistency and sustainability. I have never regretted getting ISO certified, as it continues to pay for itself year after year. What I mean by this is that our Quality Management System is documented – we say what we do and we do what we say. ISO is well worth what it costs and it’s a key part of our success.

In 2011, we added 8,000 ft2 of office space primarily to grow our engineering, design assistance and development capabilities.

In February 2015, we purchased an additional 113,000 ft2 facility in Lebanon. Some of the new facility will be leased out and the remainder will be used for growth opportunities.

On October 1, 2016, PPI legally merged with MPI. We can now process parts as large as 10 feet long, 60 inches tall, and 36 inches wide on our conveyor. Our batch-oven doors are 8 feet tall by 8 feet wide and the oven is 26 feet long. These updated ovens have significantly increased our capacity for powder-coated parts.

We Are Honored To Do What We Do

“I have been truly blessed to be able to make a good living working at what I enjoy doing.”

This summer will be our 19th year in business and we currently employ approximately 80 people in Lebanon and the surrounding communities! Without the dedicated hard work performed over the years from some of the best people around, I don’t believe Metaltech could have lasted as long as it has. A sincere “Thank You” to all of our hard-working employees, suppliers, and customers.
-Darrel Bishop, President



  • Protect The Environment
  • Provide a Safe, Clean Work Environment 
  • Provide Competitive Wages and Benefits
  • Provide an Environment that Promotes Personal and Professional Growth and Development 
  • Maintain a Reputation of Excellent Product Quality and Service
  • Maintain Integrity in All Business Practices and Principals 


A Manufacturing Company highly respected for superior quality and service; achieved through innovation, continuous improvement, and integrity in everything we do.


To support our customers while focusing on innovation, continuous improvement, and profitability in everything we do; by utilizing the best people, processes, and technology.

Safety Policy:

Metaltech is dedicated to providing a safe, healthful workplace for its employees in an effort to eliminate workplace hazards. We accomplish this by utilizing an effective accident and illness prevention program and holding employees responsible for following safe, healthful work practices and policies.

Quality Policy:

Metaltech is dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement in order to provide our customers with quality fabricated and coated metal products that meet or exceed their expectations.

We are also committed to meeting any applicable regulatory compliance. To support this commitment, we track and review our performance against established quality objectives.